Have you ever considered the concept of restorative justice? Have you heard stories of reconciliation or restoration of peace between someone who has ...View Details

Systemic Racism (S2E4)

COVID-19 isn’t the only thing that will go down in history as a marked feature of 2020. Racism and the fight against this evil has also made its mark ...View Details

Work lives have changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home has become the norm for many of us. And some are musing again about four-d...View Details

Truth or Dare (S2E2)

Journalism is about telling the truth, right? Or is it about correcting injustices? Jen Gerson, a Canadian journalist who left regular, paid work in t...View Details

The Hidden Economy (S2E1)

Amid pandemic-related job loss and economic worries, new research suggests there is a sector of Canadian society that plays an important, but often un...View Details

When the economy falls apart, other aspects of society are sure to follow. So, how do you rebuild an economy shattered by a long shutdown? Ashley Chal...View Details

Who is falling through the cracks as pandemic lockdowns drag on? Whom have we forgotten? Jamil Jivani reminds us of those who face extra challenges in...View Details

Life is full of ethical dilemmas – something that’s only made worse by a pandemic.  Conscience, ethics, and morals all come into play when hospital re...View Details

Trust is not in short supply in Canada – at least not when it comes to trust in government. Trust levels have skyrocketed during the pandemic accordin...View Details

Oh Happy Day! (Ep. 2)

Happy during a pandemic lock-down? It’s possible. Arthur Brooks, Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School and form...View Details

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